For more than a decade, our premium hand-rolled cigar customers have transitioned from using wooden molds to our high-density polyethylene plastic molds with minimal disruptions to the roller’s production process.  

Our customers have recognized increase in production efficiencies and consistent cigar shapes from every slot in out high-density polyethylene plastic molds. We are proud our customers have come to rely on us to give them a quality product that upholds their family’s hand-rolled cigar traditions.  

Benefits of high-density polyethylene material:

  • Mold samples in 7-10 business days upon approval of final design
  • Increase quality of cigar shapes
  • Durable to withstand repetitive use (longevity)
  • Reliable and consistent design material
  • Withstand humid conditions without compromising material integrity

Benefits to the hand-roller’s process:

  • Requires only one spin to achieve a perfect cigar shape
  • Cigars seated in individual slots
  • Stackable molds during drying process
  • Reduce waste of imperfect unusable cigars
  • Minimal accumulation of tobacco gunk in slots
  • Rail mold design offers ease of separating top and bottom mold parts
  • Peg mold design offers familiarity to wooden molds

Our Customers include:

  • A. Fuente Tobacco Co.
  • AGIO
  • Don Tete Cigars
  • Drew Estates
  • Don Lucas Cigars
  • Ermor Tabarama Tabacos
  • General Cigar Company
  • Iconic Leaf Cigar
  • Manfactura de Tabacos. S.A
  • ND Cigars
  • Nestor Plasencia Cigars
  • Royal Dominican Republic
  • Tabacalera Palma

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